Has anyone managed to get an 8453 UV/Vis to work under Windows 10?

Followed the LAN setup in the manual, yet all I get is Powerfail. Using Chemstation version B.05.04 (which is supposed to work on Windows 10).

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    Please see the attached communication troubleshooting guide. One possibility is that you do not have the addresses set to use the default LAN card address.  The default address of the G1369x LAN card is with switches 5&6 up.  The switches are located on the card. Set your computer to


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  • The unit connects using a JetDIrect card - there are no dip switches on it. I've also tried connecting using the GPIB interface with the same result. I did manage to get it to work once by connecting to it using the old Win7 computer, then disconnecting it and connecting to the Win10 one. However, once rebooted the connection was lost. I've even installed Bootp but that hasn't helped.

  • The HP Jet Direct card was not supported on Agilent instruments after Windows XP.  

  • It works fine under Windows 7 - I guess Windows 10 is the straw that has broken the camel's back. In the meantime I may have found a couple of G1369G LAN cards that should cure the problem.

  • Hi Monty_python66

    did you ever get this to work? 
    We have found lots of issues with getting IP addresses to instruments using Bootp on Windows 10. The fact that it worked with 10 if you connected it to 7 first suggests that it isn’t picking up an ip if you start on Windows 10 but got it from 7. Did pinging the Ip work on 10. 
    We have a 8453 that works fine on 10 by the way. The 8453 started with GPIB and then was converted to LAN so it is similar to yours

    sorry for the late post, just saw your message. 

  • Once I replaced the JetDirect card with the G1369C it works perfectly.

  • The old JetDirect card J4100A can be used without BootP, if BootP causes problems with Windows-10. According to Agilent's document "Setting up a LAN Instrument Network", page 15,  J4100A has a default IP of and a subnet mask of . Accordingly, you let the Chemstation know this address the following way: Start the Agilent ChemStation Configuration Editor by double-clicking on the Configuration Editor icon in the UV- visible ChemStation start- up group, by choosing Start > All Programs > UV-Visible ChemStations > UV-Vis Configuration Editor. This is from Agilent's Manual, Part Number G1115-90040, page 136. Have not tried it yet, but planning to. Will keep you posted.

  • I went through everything I could find, but it appears that BootP doesn't work properly in Windows 10 and even when you follow the instructions it fails. As I mentioned above, the only way I found to get it working was to replace the JetDirect card with a LAN card (which has onboard IP so no need for BootP).

  • The G1369A,B, or C LAN card is the only supported communication card for the 8453 or 8454.  The JetDirect card G1846A referred to the in the Installation manual is not a model number of the card, but rather a product number.  A G4816A purchased today would consist of a G1369C LAN card.

    The J4100A HP JetDirect card is not supported on Windows 7 or Windows 10. (You may verify this at hp.com)  

    (Trivia fact: A fixed address could be assigned to the J4100A JetDirect card using a G1323A Handheld Controller, a module from an 1100 HPLC module, revision A.09.01 of LC ChemStation software, and Windows NT or Windows 2000.  This would not be useful today and there are no instructions available to do this even if you have the hardware required.)

  • Hello ...... I have been assigned the task of moving the UV Vis to a newer computer.   However, I ran into an issue with the Software.   We have it and its running on a computer.   We have the license but for some reason I have misplaced the software and I have looked for over three weeks for it. I know this is old software .... but does anyone know where I can find a copy?    Thank You

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