Has anyone managed to get an 8453 UV/Vis to work under Windows 10?

Followed the LAN setup in the manual, yet all I get is Powerfail. Using Chemstation version B.05.04 (which is supposed to work on Windows 10).

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  • Hi Monty_python66

    did you ever get this to work? 
    We have found lots of issues with getting IP addresses to instruments using Bootp on Windows 10. The fact that it worked with 10 if you connected it to 7 first suggests that it isn’t picking up an ip if you start on Windows 10 but got it from 7. Did pinging the Ip work on 10. 
    We have a 8453 that works fine on 10 by the way. The 8453 started with GPIB and then was converted to LAN so it is similar to yours

    sorry for the late post, just saw your message. 

  • Once I replaced the JetDirect card with the G1369C it works perfectly.

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