Cleaning ICP MS 7900

Hello, for me the ICP MS is new territory.

I have a 2 question.

1. How do I rinse the ICP MS System with 5% nitric acid? Should I simply add the 5% nitric acid to the sample list before measuring?

2. Furthermore, if my boron level is above my limit (as a control). Gives a special cleaning procedure. How do I do this? Where can I find it?

Thank you in advance and have a nice Day. 

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  • This solution will be in one of the big 250 mL bottles in the middle rack.  You will set it up in the Batch on Sample introduction tab on MassHunter version 5.X or on the Peripump/ISIS tab in MassHunter 4.X.  Set up as Rinse 1, or Rinse 2 depending on weither you have other Rinses already setup.  Set a rinse time, set speed to 0.3rps, and tell it the position you put it into. 

    Upload a picture of your current table and I can be more specific.  

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