Cleaning ICP MS 7900

Hello, for me the ICP MS is new territory.

I have a 2 question.

1. How do I rinse the ICP MS System with 5% nitric acid? Should I simply add the 5% nitric acid to the sample list before measuring?

2. Furthermore, if my boron level is above my limit (as a control). Gives a special cleaning procedure. How do I do this? Where can I find it?

Thank you in advance and have a nice Day. 

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  • Hello, thank you for your help. To understand for me. to point 1: I'm just supposed to swap out Carrier Solution and my internal standard tube for a 5% HNO3, right? then I go to my software MassHunter and click the Nebuliazier pump speed to o.5? Or where do I need to set this? After a few minutes rinse, do I have to rinse again with 1% HNO3? I am very grateful for any help. I have been dealing with ICP MS for a short time. 

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