Software for Agilent 6410B MS



We just acquired our First MS for our 1200 HPLC.   


It is the Agilent 6410B.


Can we use Chemstation for the MS or do we have to buy the MassHunter Software?


Any help or direction or suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciate.........


We are a small lab so we are trying to figure this out.


Thank You in advance for your help.

  • You must use MassHunter for the QQQ.  Only the single quad MS is supported on Chemstation (and you must have a license for the MS features of Chemstation).

  • Hi rbmattila,

    For a G6410B, you will need MassHunter Acquisition to collect your data and MassHunter Qual and Quant to review your data.



  • Thank You for the quick info.    Time to Hunt for Hunter Software.


    Have a good day.

  • No Problem. The only revs that are not compatible is B.07 and rev10 Acquisition.

  • Hello Mitch,


    Thank You so much for the help and information.    You seem to be knowledgeable and experienced with this Mass Spec Stuff!


    So, I am a small laboratory in Chicago so I am now looking for supporting software for the Mass Spec.


    We have Chemstation for our HPLC which I hope will still work.   Any information on this or advise?


    Found a Masshunter software package and wondering if you can tell me if this is what we will need?   The version is:  

    Agilent G3335-64004 MassHunter Workstation Software MH SW Kit B.09.00 LC/TQ


    Will this work?


    Does this software come with everything ..... as the Acquisition, Qual and the Quant?


    Looking forward to your feedback.


    We are in the process of searching for a new contract employee in the Chicago area who can run this machine ..... so hopefully we will have someone in the next month.



    Thank You and have a great day.

  • Just a question ................


    Does this software come with everything ..... we need for the Mass Spec?


    -   Acquistion 

    -   Qual

    -  Quant?

  • Questions for you ......since you are very knowledgeable ........ and before I make a purchase.


    Does this Masshunter Workstation software B.09.00 come with all of the software that is needed for the 6410B Mass Spec?

     -   Acquistion 

    -   Qual

    -   Quant?


    Also, if the Software Box is still Factory Sealed .... would you believe that the Software License  Numbers are in the box that I will need to use it like on the HPLC Chem station Software?



    Thank You so much for help.

  • The MassHunter Workstation Software MH SW Kit B.09.00 LC/TQ contains the following:


    · G3335-60189: 6400 Series LC/TQ Resource DVD

    · G3335-60191: MH Acq SW DVD B.09.00 Triple Quad LC/MS

    · G3335-90253: 6400 Series LC/TQ Quick Start Guide

    · G3336-60105: MH Quant B.09.00 SW 32GB USB Flash Drive

    · G3336-60108: MH LCMS Supp. SW CD B.09.00

    · G3336-60109: MassHunter Offline Utilities B.09.00 CD

    · G3336-60116: MassHunter Analysis Resource DVD DEC2017

    · G3336-60117: MassHunter Qual DA SW UFD B.08.00 SP1

    · G3336-60138: MH PCDL Manager SW CD B.08.00 SP1 Update

    · G3337-60251: LCQQQ MH Workst Auth Code

    · G6845-60008: MassHunter Reporting Training Disk

    · G6845-60088: MassHunter GCMS Supp CD B.07.06

    A new, unsealed "blue box" purchased directly from Agilent will have the entitlement codes in the box necessary to be sure your software is properly licensed.


    Chemstation is sold and licensed independently of MassHunter, so the box will not contain any Chemstation licenses, nor do the Chemstation licenses work for MassHunter and vice versa.  Your Agilent LC can be fully controlled by MassHunter, though it may be necessary to update the firmware.


    Hope this helps!

  • Thank You.


    You did a great job answering my questions.


    Have a super day.

  • You don't need the Instrument Driver package, as MassHunter will run the HPLC.

    If your computer is connected to the Internet, you should be able to update Lab Advisor from within the application.

    Start Lab Advisor, then click on "Apps" in the menu on the upper left hand side.  You should be prompted to get new updates:

    Click on Go to Add ons, highlight Agilent Lab Advisor, then click Check online for updates:

    Then, with the Lab Advisor row highlighted, click update.  (In the screen shot below, I've selected a different program because my Lab Advisor is the current version; this is just an example to show you where the buttons are):

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