Software for Agilent 6410B MS



We just acquired our First MS for our 1200 HPLC.   


It is the Agilent 6410B.


Can we use Chemstation for the MS or do we have to buy the MassHunter Software?


Any help or direction or suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciate.........


We are a small lab so we are trying to figure this out.


Thank You in advance for your help.

  • Hello,


    You were so helpful and a wealth of  knowledge that I thought I would ask you some other questions.


    We are getting ready to put our 6410B MSMS on line with our LC system.   


    Currently  our HPLC is running Lab Advisor version B.0203 on a Windows 7 machine.


    Now, we got a new computer for the system which is windows 10.


    The Mass hunter Software I have is:  The MassHunter Workstation Software MH SW Kit B.09.00 LC/TQ



    The question is what software am I going to use for the HPLC and which will work with the Masshunter Software and will work on Windows 10.



    The Lab Advisor Version B.0203 which we currently run ..... is installed on a computer but I can't find the installation or media disc.   Not sure if the system was just upgraded from a lower version of Lav Advisor.



    But I also have the following:

    -  Agilent Lab Advisor B.01.03 SP4 which if have the media discs


    -  OpenLab CDS inst Driver for Agilent LC.   I have the License number or Authorization Code but I can't find the Discs or Media.



    So, I am asking if I can use anything I have?   If I have License or Authorization Code can I request new Media Discs?     Or if I can use the software that we are currently using is there a way to transfer it to a different computer?



    I am sure I confused you .......... because I confuse myself.... lol



    Looking for your very informative reply.



    Thank You 



  • Will we still be able to use the HPLC without the MSMS?

  • Yes, you can run the LC through MassHunter. Just set the QQQ to not acquire in the method.

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