Software for Agilent 6410B MS



We just acquired our First MS for our 1200 HPLC.   


It is the Agilent 6410B.


Can we use Chemstation for the MS or do we have to buy the MassHunter Software?


Any help or direction or suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciate.........


We are a small lab so we are trying to figure this out.


Thank You in advance for your help.

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  • Thank You for the quick info.    Time to Hunt for Hunter Software.


    Have a good day.

  • Hello Mitch,


    Thank You so much for the help and information.    You seem to be knowledgeable and experienced with this Mass Spec Stuff!


    So, I am a small laboratory in Chicago so I am now looking for supporting software for the Mass Spec.


    We have Chemstation for our HPLC which I hope will still work.   Any information on this or advise?


    Found a Masshunter software package and wondering if you can tell me if this is what we will need?   The version is:  

    Agilent G3335-64004 MassHunter Workstation Software MH SW Kit B.09.00 LC/TQ


    Will this work?


    Does this software come with everything ..... as the Acquisition, Qual and the Quant?


    Looking forward to your feedback.


    We are in the process of searching for a new contract employee in the Chicago area who can run this machine ..... so hopefully we will have someone in the next month.



    Thank You and have a great day.

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