Firmware Update of 5975C to 7.02.29 failed

Hi, i want to update the Firmware of an 5975C with the Firmware Update program msupdate.exe of OpenLab to Version 7.02.29. At the moment the version is 5.02.09 and this version doesn’t support the new OpenLab. Unfortunately the update aborts at one point and reports cFS: file fransfer size verify failed 2203203 203 MSSC.O. It also reports that USER and PASS is required. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem?

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  • Well, it will require a USB-to-Serial cable and a terminal emulator like PuTTY (you can find this on a search engine and download it.) I do think having an FSE do this will be better than trying it on your own, as it is possible to corrupt it further if the steps are not followed exactly. Thinking more about it overnight I believe that having an FSE attempt to resolve it or replace it is the best option. When you tried updateall did it fail at the exact same point? If so I think it is more likely that replacement will be required as the error indicates that it is uploading the file but when reading back the filesize either the file is corrupt or not stored to the memory on the smartcard.

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