FID drift/noise report with Openlab CDS 2.7

I am searching a way to create a report for the FID drift and noise with Openlab CDS 2.7. 

Is it possible? 

Thank you 

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  • Hello,

    You can get the drift for a specific time period as shown below in the first image. You could get the P2P drift corrected noise for 10 1 min segments in the second image, note I am only doing 5 in the example. This will require processing with 2 methods as you cannot mix noise calculations. You could manually integrate 10 peaks in the second example, but if you have to do this more than once use the EZChrom integrator. Using that integrator you can setup 10 peaks 1 min apart in the range where you want to calculate the noise using the manual peak event. Note, in the example I am using the drift corrected P2P noise. 

    Marty Adams 

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