ICP-MS 7700, error code 1101:vacuum (BK)time out, Vacuum too high to start turbo pump.

can I fix by my self or need to wait engineer. Anyone can tell how to fix? Thank you.

  • Hi, I assume the mechanical pump starts when you click vacuum.

    If it does, how many times did you try this? Last time I did it, it took me 3 tries to finally achieve the necessary vacuum to start the turbopumps. Our oil is near the lower mark of the mechanical pump. I think it is related.

    I'm not saying this is the best way to go, maybe there is a real problem and unsuccesfully trying to turn on the vacuum repetitive times would damage your ICP. But for us it has been kinda always like that.

    I suggest checking the IF/BK pressure while doing it.

  • Hello,

    upon start vacuum sequence.  You should hear a clik.  This is for BK.  Monitor IF/BK meter at that point.  it has to go lower than 20 Pa.  Then you should hear a second click.  This time another valve open.  It should rise above 20 Pa.  Then after everything has stabilize it should lower again below 20 Pa.  Then turbo should start.  If anything on the sequence failed, this mean problem with instrument.  I suggest you place a call for phone support to get help to where the problem is located and have the instrument service. 

    Also, there is inlet on the roughing pump E2M18.  It could be full of gum or oil gum and prevent vacuum to be pump normally.  the screen to be replace occasionally.  This might need to be check.  



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