End Of Live (EOL) Adobe flash player for icpoes ICPExpert II and AAS SpectrAA 5.X version after 11 January 2021

The Flash player from Adobe ends lifetime on the 12th of January 2021.

Due to this the SpectrAA software version 5.x  and ICPExpert II (running on Windows 7 or Windows 10) can give different behavior. For the SpectrAA 5.x version is a work around to continue correct working. For the ICPExpert II al the functions stay the same but the screen behavior is different.

Please contact the local Agilent service organization for information, if there any issues starting after 12 January 2021. Please use the code ICPOES-176 for the ICPExpert II software issues and code  AA-311 for SpectrAA 5.X as reference.




  • Solution/Action for SpectrAA software version 5.x:

    The required configuration can be done by changing a single item in an ini configuration file.
    NOTE: Local administrative will be required to update the IndexPage.ini configuration file.


    Reconfiguration does NOT require a service engineer visit to site.

        Steps required for configuration of IndexPage.ini file change are:


    In the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent\SP100\Run\Help\IndexPage.ini, Change the option FROM SWF=Yes TO SWF=No


    SpectrAA can now be launched and run.


        The installing service engineer will need to follow the above configuration requirement


    Solution/Action for ICP-OES and ICP Expert II:

    To continue using the ICP-OES and ICP Expert II use the top ribbon drop down menus. Loss of functionality of the Startup Screen will not impact analytical results.

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