Has anyone managed to get an 8453 UV/Vis to work under Windows 10?

Followed the LAN setup in the manual, yet all I get is Powerfail. Using Chemstation version B.05.04 (which is supposed to work on Windows 10).

  • The old JetDirect card J4100A can be used without BootP, if BootP causes problems with Windows-10. According to Agilent's document "Setting up a LAN Instrument Network", page 15,  J4100A has a default IP of and a subnet mask of . Accordingly, you let the Chemstation know this address the following way: Start the Agilent ChemStation Configuration Editor by double-clicking on the Configuration Editor icon in the UV- visible ChemStation start- up group, by choosing Start > All Programs > UV-Visible ChemStations > UV-Vis Configuration Editor. This is from Agilent's Manual, Part Number G1115-90040, page 136. Have not tried it yet, but planning to. Will keep you posted.

  • I went through everything I could find, but it appears that BootP doesn't work properly in Windows 10 and even when you follow the instructions it fails. As I mentioned above, the only way I found to get it working was to replace the JetDirect card with a LAN card (which has onboard IP so no need for BootP).

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