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That was it, it still has a little more work to be done on my end touching it up. Thank you so much for the help!

Separate question: It does not look like the engineer installed the excel portion of report building/template editing, do you know if that would be installed from the USB's or if that would be on one of the CD's included?

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    If the addins or templates were not installed you can go to the Windows Control Panel->Programs and Features, select quant and choose Change. Then in Maintenance choose Change and you can install the Excel templates and/or addins. Make certain you have Excel 32-bit installed as that is still the only supported version and the only version quant will attempt to install addins for. 

    If they are installed but missing from Excel, make certain you have 32-bit Excel installed and try running the Repair Quantitative Analysis Reporting tool from the quant tools folder in the Start menu. 

  • Thanks for the help, I am running 32 bit Excel. When I try to use one of the Excel Templates I get the error pictured below. I went through the repair for the Quantitative Analysis and this error still occurs.


    I then double checked that it was installed, but I continue to get the error saying they cannot be detected.

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