Report Builder 10.1 Multiple Sample information per page

I am trying to condense a sequence of samples to display multiple samples per page. Currently each sample only has two target compounds and an ISTD. I modified the template to reflect the information that we need to report but because it is so few few compounds I am left with about 90% blank page between the information and the footer. I have tried modifying it to print multiple samples per page but then I am left with a big blank page at the beginning of each report. I have not been able to find an answer yet and hoping somebody might have experience with this. We generally have non-detect samples so printing off one page per sample seems overkill. Any insight or resources I should look into is greatly appreciated.


  • Hello  ,

    I'm guessing that you started with GenSamples_ISTD and then removed all the graphics sections. If that is the case, check your Page Break settings for List1. I'm not seeing any issues if I choose the None option.

    EDIT-I do see some section duplication if the break is occurring in the middle of a section. You may need to try BetweenEvery3rd if this occurs with your template.

    Make certain that you didn't change any of the Page Break options for any of the other sections. If that doesn't resolve the issue you can either check your template for any partial or incomplete sections left from editing, or the template may have become corrupted. If necessary, I would try starting again with the shipping template and get the page break settings the way you want them to be and then start removing sections and verify after each edit that the page breaks are working correctly. 

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