How do I create an RT to RI calibration?

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I'm just starting to use masshunter, and I would like to use retention indices rather than retention times in my analyses, however, try as I may, I can't seem to find how I create the RT to RI calibration file that I am prompted for.

In my exhaustive Google searches, I can only find references to a file included on a demo disk, though nothing on how to actually create these files.

Does anyone have an example RT to RI calibration file that I may edit, or a means in the software to create one automatically?

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  • Hi JamesRS,

    It sounds like you are looking for the Quant Tool "Retention Time Calibration," which is located in the Windows start menu under Agilent MassHunter Quantitative folder -> Quantitative Analysis Tools. 

    Additionally, there are some videos about using Refractive Index that are included on Quant media (either the USB thumb drive or the downloaded .UFD.) Specifically, the "Library - Retention Index - RI RT CAL map - Advanced" video goes over how to use the tool and create the calibration file. If you registered the software in, you can re-download Quant to access these videos if they aren't already installed on the PC.  The videos are located at \Supplemental\MassHunter\Videos\Quant on the media. 

  • As @brittpeterson referenced, you will need to use the "RT Calibration" program to convert a set of results into a calibration file.
    To create the calibration file, you will need to create a batch in Masshunter Quant with just those samples and create a library with only the alkanes/calibration compounds. The batch and library will run automatically to create an output, there is no method involvement there. When creating our RT file, I found it best to create a custom library with only the relevant alkanes and verifying the matches myself in Quant before running through the program.

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