Custom report using mass hunter report builder

I am trying to create a custom excel report using the mass hunter Report builder, where the peak table would include the Peak no., Area Sum% and Compound name(Best match from the library identification results). Can anyone help me with how to  such a report.  I am not able to combine the chromatogram peak table along with its library identification results.

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    What type of report are you trying to create? Is it for Quant, Unknowns Analysis, or Qual? Also any revision information you can provide would be helpful as well. 

  • Hello Howard,

    I am trying to create a Mass Hunter Qual analysis(10.0) report. I analyse fragrance blends using GCMS. Each fragrance has around 50 to 100 peaks. Using this data I need to generate a QC report which includes the peak no., Area sum% and the Name of the compound from the library match.

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    From what I can find, combining the information from those two tables in one qual report may be quite difficult. One alternative to consider, if your workflows and procedures would allow for it, would be to use Unknowns Analysis. While the primary workflow is designed for working with Quant batches, you can create an unknowns analysis with no targets or quant information. In UA you will be limited to only the Agile and Agile2 integrators and integration marks cannot be seen or adjusted. But one of the default Report Builder templates, AreaPercent.template.xml, contains the information that I believe you want to report.

    If you need to pursue using qual then it may be best to contact your local support team for more detailed assistance.

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    I just wanted to follow-up to see if this issue is resolved. If so, please come back to the post and click Verify Answer on the response so it will make the solution more visible.  If you still need help, just let us know and we would be happy to continue working with you.

  • Hello howard_sanford. Thank you for your response. My workflow needs the flexibility of altering integration marks. The report sample you attached above is perfect, if it can be used with Qual. Before reaching out here I tried working it out with my local support team, but we could not figure it out. Is there something else you can try?

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