Masshunter failing to write scan to data file


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    Prior to acq revision B.08.02 and TQ FW A.00.08.61 this error could occur with methods that had over 200 dMRM transition and had time segments going to waste. For any revisions newer than that there are currently no known issues that can consistently cause this error.


    In general I would treat this as a potential issue with disk or file access, instrument communication to the PC, or a corrupted method or worklist, if those are shared across your systems.


    Check in the Windows Reliability Monitor to see if there are any issues or activities noted around the same time as your failed worklists. MassHunter performs no data buffering and if there is any delay in writing to the hard drive errors can occur. MassHunter is not designed to work over a network and makes no allowances or checks for issues involving network latency, bandwidth, topology changes, etc. so I would recommend saving to the local disk for troubleshooting.


    Make certain the only things connected to the instrument network switch are the LC, the MS, and the PC.


    If you are sharing methods or worklists across systems then I would recommend building new ones from the default method and worklist on each system.

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    We have been experiencing the same issue over the past week within our laboratory and have narrowed the issue down to one of our Anti Virus programs called 'Cylance'. I know you mentioned you have researched Anti Virus but If you use the same program then it would be worth checking whether it has been updated to the 'OPTICS' version and if so, revert back to the 'PROTECT' version. 


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    In general, when configuring any anti-virus it is important to exclude the MassHunter folder and MassHunter processes from active scanning. When acquisition of a data file begins MassHunter creates and writes multiple files and folders all at once. For an anti-virus program this can look like suspicious activity. The MassHunter processes, file names, and folder names won't be in most databases due to their relatively low occurrence world wide. So even if the files aren't immediately quarantined the AV may delay their creation while it looks at them more closely than normal and this could also cause acquisition errors. 

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