Binary code error and won't open MassHunter Quant Analysis

For some reason a group of us can not open the Mass Hunter Quantitative analysis software. We keep an error code that says "Failed to open batch file. Failed to read binary batch file. We can't analyze any of our bin files.

  • hello ,

    * does the batch file have a READ only bit?
          some team members could do this so that files are not changed.
          I think with Masshunter this is not a good idea!


    * question:
       - so there are several people who have problems, but also people who can successfully open the IDENTICAL batch?
       - is this file on a server?
       - could it be file access rights that are inherited on the file?

          => batch creator is local admin and the other quant users might be nomal domain users?

          => use file explorer on the batch file => right click > properties > security  e.g. 


    * other idea: use the current QUANT LOG file  in "D:\MassHunter\log\Quant".

       search inside for lines: "09/11/2020 time  [ERROR] "



    regards, M.

  • We get this when the batch has been opened/saved /created in a different version of Quantitative analysis. Might want to check versions?

  • Hello ,

    yes it would be important to know:
    a) which versions are available?
    b) Batch export/import: on which QUANT version was the batch created & on which QUANT version are the load problems?

    at the moment I assume: the QUANT is downwards compatible, whether this can be reversed: no idea

    regards, M.

  • Hi ,

    Another thing you can do is to check with your IT department and see if they have enabled the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) enforcement policy in Windows. This is commonly done on US government computer systems. Currently no versions of quant are compatible with this policy. The error you are receiving is what you will see if FIPS is enabled and you try to open or save a batch. Compatibility is being investigated for future releases but there is currently no ETA on when this will be available. Currently the only solution is to request exemption for your PC from the policy. 

  • Dear colleagues, I keep experiencing the same issue with not being able to open some batches in MH quant (5.1, G7201D / Version D.01.01 / Build 653.5), while others work just fine. I have integrated three batches that were all analyzed, and chromatograms recorded on the same day. Out of the three, I can only open two of them on the next day. For the one not working, I get "Failed to open batch file. Failed to read batch file from binary." No software update or version change happened, I used the same computer, and no file protections or restricted access is attached to the three batch bins.

    This keeps happening every few batches. I can create a new batch and access the data that way, but all integrations are gone of course. Can anyone please tell me how to avoid this happening?


  • Hello  ,

    I don't believe this was a known issue with Quant B.05, though it is out of support at this point. I can suggest a few things to try.

    First would be general PC maintenance. Clean up Windows temp files and defragment the hard drive.

    Next you can try to reset quant's user preferences. In current versions there is a tool for this called Restore User Settings. You can check in the Windows Start menu under Agilent MassHunter Quantitative->Quantitative Analysis Tools->Restore User Settings

    Before doing this make certain you have any custom column or screen layouts saved in Quant. Also make note of what report method you are using, as this information will also be cleared when you use the tool. Then close all open copies of Quant and run the tool. 

    If that tool is not available, you can manually clear the preferences by going to the currently logged in user’s appdata folders. The easiest way to locate these is to enter %appdata% into the location line in the file browser. This should go to C:\User\logged in username\AppData\Roaming. From there go to the Agilent_Technologies,_Inc folder and delete the MassHunter Quant folder. 

    Another possibility may be a corrupted quant method. You could try making a new method from acquired data, or loading a method from a batch that was created before you began having these issues. 

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