Tuning no signal


After running the APCI tuning checktune, autotun -dual on our HPLC-MS, the MSD cannot find the signal. They more look like noise and fails the tuning.

Can anyone givee a suggestion?

  • That's more an MS question, so you might want to post your issue in a different forum.

    Beside from that, is your MS a Single Quad? G6100 series? Do you get any error message from the software, something like: "Difficulty with spray chamber electronics"? If your spray chamber settings are okay, you have verified that a sufficient amount tuning mix makes it to the nebulizer and you're using a fresh bottle of the correct mix, then I would also make that the corona needle is clean and sharp, the nebulizer is adjusted correctly and the spray shield is clean.

  • Thanks for replying. I will post this too on MS forum.

    Yes. single quad, and sorry forgot the details. The instrument is Agilent LC-MS (1260 HPLC and 6120 MSD). Other details,

    - cleaned the source, corona needle with mesh and IPA:water 50:50, every day or before every sequence

    - checked the nebulizer needle if the tuning mix drops are coming out and also if the spray is coming out 

    - changed the column to see any issue with the column 

    - changed to a different standard material to see any issue with the sample itself 

    - changed the solvent bottles to new solvent mix

    - refilled the tuning mix bottle to a new one

    I mostly get error message of "Peak width adjust error: the valid range for width gain is -2047 to 2047" and the chromatogram shows bunch of small peaks. 

  • Thanks for sharing the details. Yes, your case would require more of an MS person; hope you will get some advice on the MS forum. Personally I would check the spray chamber parameters and the reported values, but also take a look at the spray shield.

  • Hi,

    Put on ESI source and run a manual tune to see if you see peaks. If not, make sure u see spray. 

  • Looks like no one has responded to your post in awhile. If you have not found your answer. Please post again.

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