Problems with TIC

Hi! I will be very glad if somebody helps me. I have a problem about mass spectrometer working. I can't see TIC. And also I have these faults.

Masked Fault: Rf fault

      Masked Fault: Mass dac calibration fault

      Masked Fault: Quadrupole dc fault

      Masked Fault: Iris fault

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  • OK-if color is green, there are only 3 things that I can think of;

    1.  TOF has not been tuned.  Do you know when the last Autotune was performed?

    2.  The LC stream is not reaching the TOF.  You can verify this by removing the nebulizer needle with LC flow turned on and look for the aerosol spray.

    3.  MassHunter software is corrupted.  You may be able to repair the software from Windows Control Panel.

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