Problems with TIC

Hi! I will be very glad if somebody helps me. I have a problem about mass spectrometer working. I can't see TIC. And also I have these faults.

Masked Fault: Rf fault

      Masked Fault: Mass dac calibration fault

      Masked Fault: Quadrupole dc fault

      Masked Fault: Iris fault

  • The masked faults that you reported earlier are not causing a problem-they are expected.

    There should be a program loaded on your PC called TOF Diagnostics.  If you open this and then use the pull-down menu to connect to the TOF, this tool can be useful to diagnose the problem.  Go to the "SC Readbacks" tab and use the "Run State" button.  Look for a line that says "Active Instrument Faults".


    For the reference nebulizer gas, G6210A sets this for you at 13 psi.  The sample nebulizer should be set to 20 psi, 5 l/min for tuning and probably 45 psi, 10 l/min for sample analysis.

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