Infinity 1260 II vialsampler standards dilution calibration programm


Is there any default programs avalaible for infinity II 1260 Autosampler? 
It would be nice for example, having some downloadable programs as tutorials  (making calibration with dilutions)

For OpenLab Chemstation (version LTS 01.11)

  • Hi,

    there is no a downloadable program at the moment. But you could take a look at the Application Note Let Your Autosampler Do Your Pipetting ( It describes the sampler programming approach to create the dilution series for calibration purposes.

  • Hi thanks for your response, but  there s no sequence example in this application note and description of the different functions in autosampler manual are very simple.
    Is there any other manual?


    L Stephan

  • Hello, are you looking for an injection sequence or something different? Figure 2 shows an example, it is in OpenLab, but it is not much different to ChemStation in this sense. In general, are you looking for injector programming information or how to do calibration analysis in the software, or both?

  • Hello,
    I m trying to work with the application note "Let your autosampler do your pipetting". So i see how it functions for the first calibration vial but i ask me how it functions for the next calibration vials?

    The injector program is applicable just for the first calibration vial or for all?

    In the sequence, i see the injector program associated to the second line but not to the lines 5-10 calibration levels.

    Is you could help me?


  • Sure, I can help. You are right, Table 1 shows only a fraction of the whole injector program. But at the same time it is a block/group of commands which you need to repeat for every dilution step. In the Application Note they have 7 dilutions, they would need to repeat this block 6 more times. All saved as one sample preparation method. Sample preparation method is shown only once in Figure 2. Therefore, all sample dilutions are done in advance, prior the first sample analysis. For every repetition of that block, you need to change 2 things: the vial where you eject and mix the stock and the diluent, so, instead of ejecting into D1F-D2, the next block would eject into D1F-D3, the next one - to D1F-D4 and so on. The second thing to change is the position to draw the stock. The first draw (Table 1) is done from the diluent (D1F-E1) and the 100 µg/mL stock (D1F-D1), the second draw would be from the diluent (D1F-E1) and the already prepared "1:5" dilution from D1F-D2. The next one, will be again the diluent (D1F-E1) and the previous sample, D1F-D3. This way, every next sample is 5-fold more dilute than the previous. The volumes drawn would remain the same at every repetition of the block.
    On a side note, the seventh dilution was treated as a sample and not used for calibration, as well as the original stock.

  • Thanks a lot,
    I will try to apply this.

    One thing would be interesting 
    Perharps, a command like to this block for all positions vials +1, so this program will repeat for an fix number of vials define in method :-)
    Just a suggestion :-)


    L Stephan

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