Pump Leak Rate Test Failed


I have been conducting Pump leak rate test on 1260 Infinity II (G7112B, 1260 Binary Pump) Module. Lab Advisor version: B.02.10 [253] SP1.

I have tested it several times, but result is always the same (Primary Channel(s) leak(s) somewhere), see Picture 1.

I replaced almost all the spare parts (AIV with cartridges, OBV, Pistons, seals, capillaries, Purge valve and etc.) with exclusionary principle, but problem was still alive. 

Than I changed the configuration to "Without Damper and Mixer", it passes every time, when I do the test, see Picture 2.

What should I check to solve the problem?

  • Hey, do you have the damper and mixer in the flow path? Or are you using the low volume configuration? Agilent InfinityLab LC Series 1260 Infinity II Binary Pump User Manual See pages 63-64

  • Thank you for your response,

    First test was conducted with damper and mixer in the flow path, what's result was failure.

    Than I changed path to without damper and mixer and the system passed. 

    I considered both configurations in pump leak rate test, when there was a dialog box with a question if I have  Damper in flow path or not.

    In addition, I always use Standard configuration, but change was made during technical maintenance to fix the problem.

  • Seems then to indicate something in the flow path when including the mixer and damper. First, make sure that you do an elasticity calibration because you have changed important parts in the flow path. Then re-run the pump leak rate test with the mixer and damper installed. Make sure to use isopropanol. If it is still failing, it indicates a small leak either in mixer, damper, or the capillaries included in this path.

  • So should I install new Damper, Mixer and all capillaries between them, than do elasticity calibration and recheck Pump leak rate test?

  • I would first do the elasticity calibration and recheck the pump leak rate test before changing additional parts.

  • I have done elasticity capibration (See app.1.).

    Then I did Pump leak rate test four times. Three of them were failure, but one, which was third in a queue has passed with the results near the limit (<3 mkl/min).

    One thing I have considered was that dialog box does not show information about  which solvent should we use during the process.

    I used 2-propanol during the test process. (As I know about old pumps, the solvent is 2-propanol, while this option on Flexible Pump I have is selectable [Water, Organic and etc.])(See App.2.).

    Because of having not any visible evidence on dialog box, I tried to use water instead of 2-propanol twice and the results are excellent (See App.3.).

    To sum up, I got very different results. I have some questions:

    1) I want to know what solvents should I use during the Pump leak rate test or System pressure test.

    2) What type of variables are changed in calculations on Flexible pump when I select water, 2-propanol or some organic and if the calculations are the same between Flexible, Binary 1260 Infinity II and old 1200 pumps.

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