Infinity 1290 autosampler (G4226A). Initialization failed.

We have Agilent 6460C and have issue with LC, Infinity 1290 autosampler (G4226A). Initialization failed. Error "Movement of the needle in the seat failed. (EE4714, 3204)". Please help us resolve this issue. Thank you

  • Hey, See: Agilent 1290 Infinity Autosampler User Manual on page 108. There is a breakdown of the possible causes and solutions. From my experience, this is often caused by the needle not being properly aligned inside of the carrier. When I was learning how to do the maintenance needle replacement, I sometimes caused this error by having the needle not centered in the carrier. The sampler could also require an alignment procedure as stated in step 1. 

  • Thank you Kbusch.

    Is there any videos that can show me how to move needle arm out of the seat. I tried to go through Lab Advisor but the arm does not go to maintenance mode. Lab Advisor timed out and failed to connect to LC. I shut down the sampler and restarted it. It goes to the initialization but it comes to the seat and move up and down four times and than needle sticks in the seat. I will send it get it refurbished. Thank you again for the help. 

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