CAD detector with open Lab CDS

We have agilent HPLC system in our lab and we are trying to set up thermo fisher CAD detector externally to the system. We do have UIB II but we are unable to configure it to the system and we are currently open lab CDS sofyware.
Thanks in advance for your help
  • Hey, see page 5 of the UIB manual Agilent 1200 Infinity Series Universal Interface Box User Manual. You will need from the CAD an analog in, then from the UIB II a CAN connection to the LC stack. Then you can reconfigure your LC instrument with the UIB II. To do this, you can use the control panel and go to instruments, then highlight the instrument you want to reconfigure (or create a new instrument), then at the top close connecton and then configure the instrument. In the configure instrument, use the auto configure and type in the IP address or the mac address you are using to communicate with you LC stack. This should then automatically detect the UIB.

  • Hi 

    We have Thermo CAD with 1260 Agilent. You need to order analog out kit (it is optional so you might not have it) from Thermo for CAD. Then it is easy to configure with UIB. You will see signal in UIB (don't forget about correctdata rate in UIB).

    There is Thermo driver for OL so it is possible now to have CAD controlled by OL. We're in the middle of configuration but it looks promising.

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