Buenos días, tengo un HPLC Agilent 1100. Tengo dos consultas:
1- Que repetibilidad debería tener el inyector?
2- En lab advisor en la sección EMF`s aparece una tabla con los contadores de cada módulo pero sin límites de referencia. Entiendo que los mismos me servirian para evaluar el estado de los modulos. Que limites deberian tener para que me sean de utilidad?

  • Good morning, I have an Agilent 1100 HPLC. I have two queries:
    1- What repeatability should the injector have?
    2- In the lab advisor, in the EMF`s section, a table appears with the counters of each module but without reference limits. I understand that they would help me to evaluate the status of the modules. What limits should they have to be useful to me?

  • Hi

    EMF counters work based on use of instrument and number of run( like injection, lamp on hour etc. )

  • Cuales son los limites de referencia de cada contador?

  • What model autosampler do you have?  All of the performance specs are in each or the user manuals.  Here is one for the G1329A  see page 28

    Standard and Prep Samplers User Manual  

    It also depends on the metering head installed 100 or 900ul.

    The EMF limits depend on your method and use- types of solvents and samples.  How many valve switches.  I usually set it up by noting when my areas are changing and use. Rotor seals usually wear out anywhere from 6 months to 1year.

    see page 83 in the manual on EMF-

    "The user-setable EMF limits for the EMF counters enable the early maintenance feedback to be adapted to specific user requirements. The wear of autosampler components is dependent on the analytical conditions, therefore, the definition of the maximum limits need to be determined based on the specific operating conditions of the instrument."

    Setting the EMF limits:  "The setting of the EMF limits must be optimized over one or two maintenance cycles. Initially, no EMF limit should be set. When instrument performance indicates maintenance is necessary, make note of the values displayed by the injection valve and needle movements counters. Enter these values (or values slightly less than the displayed values) as EMF limits, and then reset the EMF counters to zero. The next time the EMF counters exceed the new EMF limits, the EMF flag will be displayed, providing a reminder that maintenance needs to be scheduled."

    page 85 has some recommendations as well

  • Hola Fernanda,

    Como ya dicieron los otros, los EMFs dependen mucho del tipo de aplicación que tienes.
    Tienes que hacer una manutención preventiva todos los años. En esta manutención, el ingeniero vá a cambiar todas las piezas que affectan los EMFs y también zerar estos contadores. Esto és lo que todos hacen en todo el mundo. Las manutenciones preventivas son muy importantes para el bueno funcionamiento de los equipos.

    Sobre la repetibilidad, usualmente es menor que 1% RSD, pero depende de cual es su inyector (que és como GXXXXX).

    Hi Fernanda,

    As the others said, EMF counters depend on what type of application you have.
    What Agilent recommends is that you do a PM every year where the specialist will change necessary parts to prevent any parts to wear out. Everyone should do it.

    Regarding injector repeatibility, it is usually <1% RSD but also depends on the injector and sample amount drawn.

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