GC-MS Tune 5975 - Air and Water Leak Check


What is the acceptable criteria for the Air and Water leak check on a GC-MS?

For 69, 18, and 28, I have a relative abundance of 100, 1.61, and 1.15. This seems really low. Can you please give me suggestions as to what I should do?

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  • Thank you, ISH. It seems that my abundances are low for 69, 219, and 502 m/z. I have 231360, 57248, and 2577, for 69, 219, and 502, respectively. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  • If you can share auto tune and tune evaluation report then i can say anything..

    Meanwhile, you can check level of PFTBA.

    Last time, when source was cleaned.

    How is purity of carrier? Sometimes, moiture from carrier or from saturated gas filter( if connected)...

  • Source was last cleaned on Sept 8 by an Agilent service engineer. Column has since been change. Do you think there is air in the column? Purity of carrier is 99.99% helium.

    Tune report should be at the following link. I have an older computer that doesn't have a PDF software.

  • Hi

    I did not get autotune report but you can go through below link to cross check ur autotune report.


  • Above one is in detail document of msd evaluation.

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  • Thank you. I am wondering if the problem is associated with air in the column/conditioning the column. The Hi-Vac also looks to be the problem.

  • Please attached autotune report..

  • Can you see it now? 

  • When source of MS was cleaned then that time any GC maintenance performed means consumables like septa/ liner/ gold seal etc were replaced or not

  • Not those consumables, but consumables in the source were replaced.

  • Share autotune report like this...

  • I am unable to get that autotune report due to the age of my software. We do not have a PDF software on the computer and the computer is not connected to the internet

  • See, water can be removed by baking of ms and conditioning of column but for air leak need to check all points mentioned in documents i shared..

    Check septa nut is tight properly or not..better put new septa..

  • Autotune print out is coming or not.

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