GCMS tuning stopped 5975C

Hello All,

I'm seeing an issue that I haven't come across before - have just changed the column and pumped back down yesterday. Came to do an air and water check this morning and i get the below: 

Tune action stopped:-222{SP00}:MSC:RDY ON Parameter ento value 64.256 out of range [0.000, 64.000]

I didn't do anything with the source yesterday, just changed the column....

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    Check column length outside of transferline in MS.

    May be column length in MS side is more.

    Hope, inlet septum nut etc. you tight properly after vent n pump down..

  • Hi ISH, yes all was fine with column installation and pump down was efficient. The issue seems to be with the entrance lense offset - I loaded a previous tune and managed to run an autotune however it is failing due to too high 503/502 ratio. I've seen some advice that this could be due to HED needing cleaning or a dirty source perhaps? The Ion focus was consistently 90.2 however in the latest tune it is now 71.2 so something is not right this week from last week and previous tunes!

    Tune last week had 503/502 ratio of 10.13 where as today it is 13.28. The peak shape of the 502 is also not as neat, slight splitting in the 503 peak and noisier baseline either side.

    If anyone has any advice it would be welcome!

  • Then, system need preventive maintenance.

    Need to clean ion source assy and pump oil n filter should change.

    How was value of Electron multiplier horn in last auto tune.

    If its high, like 2500 or 3000 then need to change.

    Generally, I am keeping one new ion source and Electron multiplier horn in Lab to check where is problem.

  • EM on good tune last week - 1482, EM this week on 'bad tune' only 1576....

  • Then, need ion source cleaning and check filament also.

  • Above i shared, cleaning procedure..

  • Or if you no idea then better call to your local agilent support to log service call...

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