5890 FID vs 8890 FID values

I hope this does not seem like a dumb question but I have just replaced a 5890 FID with an 8890 FID and I see my values on some peaks have increased. Is this normal? What would cause this to happen? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, did you replace FID assembly with electrometr board? If yes it can be a reason 

  • All I did was put a new column in the 8890. I’m trying to get close to our old data. It’s a work in progress.

    Thanjs for responding.

  • Hello  ,

    No such thing as a dumb question Slight smile

    Just so I can understand the question better, do you mean that you used to have a 5890 GC FID system, and you replaced that with an 8890 GC FID system? Or do you mean that your FID on the 5890 stopped working and you replaced it with an 8890 FID, somehow?

    If you somehow managed to install an 8890 FID on a 5890 (which I do not know whether it's possible), then this is not a supported configuration and it would be a good idea to move towards purchasing a new GC.

    If, however, you do have an 8890 and just comparing chromatographic results against your old 5890, then you are expected to see differences. From what I understand 5890s were Analog outputs, whereas 8890s are Digital outputs. Results are not expected to be comparable.

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    Thank you so much for your reply.
    Our 5890 would not work because of the injector controller box would not send the signal to inject and there are “zero” places to find a reliable one.
    We ordered an 8890 to replace that instrument.
    We began see in some differences in the data and went back to running retain samples that were run and approved on the 5890 on the 8890 and the values were similar but there was some fluctuation by +/-0. 2 to almost 1.0%.
    We made some adjustments to the method and we got it to a better but still some percentage differences up to 0.50%.
    I new that there had to be some simple analytical explanation to this other than to say that the sensitivities of the newer detectors were greater and this is why we are seeing the value differences but the analog vs digital explanation also works as I would expect digital signals to be more precise than analog.
    Also we use the EMPOWER system that used A/D boxes for the signals from the 5890 ‘s so that also could have some signal differences as now there is no signal conversion involved from analog.
    If you have any other thoughts on this I would love to hear them and I really appreciate your response on this matter.
    You have restores my faith in Agilent as I was getting a little sore on the recent customer service and response to my inquires.
    Thank you very much CM Zainea!!!
    Best Regards,
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  • Hello  ,

    No worries at all, glad you could find some usefulness in my reply.

    Unfortunately this is all I have for now at least. The 5890s are quite old systems and my knowledge of them is really limited. It's an instrument that has been out of support for quite some time.

    Again, you are very welcome.

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