modernization of the 7890 gas chromatograph

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The laboratory has a 7890 chromatograph with one evaporator and one FID detector. I want to upgrade it and add a second channel, the same, but for other tasks. I found catalog numbers on the Agilent website, but they are for the 7820 chromatograph, if I order G4328A (Agilent G4328A 0–100 psi Split Splitless EPC Inlet)  and G3462A (Agilent G3461A & G3462A Flame Ionization Detector (Packed and Capillary)), will it fit my chromatograph and the order will have a complete set of EPC module, electronics, tubes, evaporator with all the details? And everything will also be included for the detector - the EPC module, the detector itself, the electronics to it, the tubes? these modules from 7820 will fit to 7890? Thanks,

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