Reduced sensitivity with MeOH as a solvent

I am running terpenes on an HP-6890 with an autosampler and an FID, injecting 1 ul using 10:1 split with hydrogen as a carrier gas.  I observed that when my standards are dissolved in MeOH the response of all peaks is about 1/4 of that in Heptane.  What could be the reason for that?

  • Hi Anatoly,

    Do manual injection from syringe then see result.

    If i believe that there is no leak and column is okay then problem could be due to Syringe / Septa /Jet..

    You can trim the column from both end..

  • Thanks!  The column is new, and septum and liner were recently replaced.  I like the idea of trying a manual injection but I am honestly out of practice injecting manually so I'll probably introduce more error and will make results inconclusive.  Has no-one had a similar experience when changing from heptane to methanol as a solvent?  If not, it's probably a hardware error I would have to track down.

  • Any changes in procedure will force to go for optimization / fine tunning to get desire result and that could be consumables / hardware / method parameter change etc..

    It's kind of research to find root cause..

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