Reduced sensitivity with MeOH as a solvent

I am running terpenes on an HP-6890 with an autosampler and an FID, injecting 1 ul using 10:1 split with hydrogen as a carrier gas.  I observed that when my standards are dissolved in MeOH the response of all peaks is about 1/4 of that in Heptane.  What could be the reason for that?

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  • Hello, thank you so much for the links, I really appreciate it! I am also relatively new to GC - spent most of my time running HPLC.  I am noticing that both heights and areas are reduced.  I calculated the solvent expansion (1 ul heptane in 4mm ss liner) and there is plenty of room so there should be no backflash.  I have a 4mm  "Agilent" split/splitless liner with glass wool from Restek.

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