Recommended # of injections per vial cap/septum?

Hi all,

I am a novice in the practical aspects of GC (most of my background/knowledge is LC) so I realize this is a very basic question. After determining impurities in my samples were due to vial cap septum bleed, I was hoping to get some feedback on the following topics:

  1. Should vial caps be used for multiple injections in the same batch (i.e. blank injections)?
  2. If vials/ samples are reused, is it common practice to replace the caps after single use? Or can they be used again within a short time period (i.e. same day)?
  3. Is there a recommended vial septum material for ACN solvent? I know Agilent recommends rubber/butyl but I have seen conflicting information elsewhere (perhaps just difference in manufacturing?). 

I appreciate any and all help/ tips for a GC novice. 



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