Error 5 during Bioanalyzer Expert 2100 software booting?

When we start the Expert 2100 software, we get several pop up windows indicating an error that doesn´t allow the software to boot. The software worked fine for years, reinstalling it did not help.


First message:

"Error 5 (Invalid procedure call or argument) in procedure UserControl_Initialize of User Control AgtAssayProperties"


Second message:

"AgtUICompDotPlot. Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument"


Third message:

"Error 0 () in procedure IAgtAppContext_Update of Class Module CApp Context"


Is anyone able to help with these errors?




  • Hello,


     The 2100 Expert software error is being caused by a Microsoft Windows update that was released by Microsoft. Since the initial release, Microsoft has released optional updates for the majority of current Windows versions. But you will have to install the correct update for your system manually.


    Determine you Version of Windows

    1. From the start menu type Run and open the Run application.
    2. In the run application, please type winver and press enter. A windows will open with the necessary information.
    3. Note if it Windows 7 or 10 and not the Windows version.



    Determine your computer architecture

    1. Open the Start menu and type System Information
    2. Open the System Information Application and note the System Type.



    Download and Install the Update

    1. Navigate to the website:
    2. Search for the required update for your Windows version. See the attachment for which update you need to install.
    3. Download the correct update for your computer architecture.
    4. Install the update following the on-screen prompts.
    5. Restart the computer.


    Best Regards,

    Ian Jaworski

    Electrophoresis Support

    Diagnostics and Genomics Group

    Agilent Technologies, Inc.


  • Hi Tim,


    Unfortunately, there is no Bioanalyzer section on the community at this point in time. Your best course of action at this point in time would be to contact the Agilent Bioanalyzer support team. You can reach them by .


    NOTE: This support email address is for customers in North America. If you are from another region, then please use the following link to determine the appropriate Agilent contact information: Contact Us | Agilent



  • Hello

    Have you tried by restoring the system sometimes it helps.



  • Hi Sashwatee,

    as perfectly explained by Ian, the error is caused by a Windows update. In the meantime, there are updates available for all Windows versions, which fix this issue. The users just have to install it. See attachment shared by Ian.

    Best regards,


    Remote Service Engineer

  • Hello, the error is linked to a Windows update.

    Please refer to Service Note 2100 Expert Software-013A.

    See also image, with Microsoft update fixes per Windows version.

    Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Service Note

    Service Note Number:

    2100 Expert Software-013A




    Software errors related to recent Windows Updates


    Operators of the 2100 Expert software reported globally that the application suddenly returns error messages and stops working.

    The situation seems to be related to Windows Updates released during the last few days.

    The 2100 Expert software can return to normal operation if specific Windows Updates are removed from the PC.

    Parts Required:



    We received several reports from customers world-wide that the 2100 Expert software stops working and displays an error message similar but not limited to:

    Error caught in AgtAssayProperties::UserControl_Initialize: Number: 5, Source: AgtUICompAssayProp, Description: Invalid procedure call or argument

    Error 5 (Invalid procedure call or argument) in procedure Form_Load of Form frmDummy


    We are still investigating the situation, but already determined that the problem is related to a recent Windows Update. These updates vary between the Windows versions and builds.

    Microsoft is aware of this known issue causing some software to not operate correctly any longer after these updates were installed. They are investigating and will release an update soon.


    Microsoft released several updates over the weekend that fixes the above situation. An update matrix is attached to this service note.

    Microsoft did not release fixes for Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1803 yet !

    Windows 7 users must download the optional update and install it manually.

    For remaining Windows 10 users these optional updates is available on the following release channels:

    • Microsoft Update Catalog.
    • Windows Update.
    • Microsoft Update.
    • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

    As with any optional update, you will need to Check for updates to receive and install the update. For instructions, see Update Windows 10.

    Note Windows Update for Business customers should apply the update using the Microsoft Update Catalog or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).


    Serial Numbers:


    Serial Low

    Serial High





    Additional Information:

    No additional training is required to implement the changes described in this service note.

    Related Products:

    Date:8/19/2019 9:25:04 AM

    Administrative Information:


    Information Only


    TWACHTMANN,MANUEL (A-Germany,ex1)

    Additional Information:

    Copyright 2019 Agilent Technologies Printed in U.S.A.



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