Error 2150

We have been having an issue with our 7700 ICP-MS plasma turning off, when going to use it  the EM failed to tune (it tuned fine a few days earlier), then after running a few standards it reported a 1213 error 48V power supply to low.  When i went to try and diagnose/reproduce the error, the plasma wouldn't stay on giving an error code 2150, which i haven't seen before.  I am not certain what could be causing this the orifices on the cones are clear (replaced with in the past month), any help would be appreciated.

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    this look like your plasma is not align with the cones.  For the EM to failed it's difficult.  You have to check for noise when it's doing it and if the counts are low when it's using mass 80.  You can try to tune EM with mass 37 if you know where to change it.  You will have to fix the noise for the EM to work properly. For the 1213 this is common error and you have either a leak or a problem with the hood.  Check and backtrack your setup for sample intro.  drain could be reversed and cause the 48volt error because spray chamber is full.  For the warning this should not prevent you from running so you have another error in the hood that prevent plasma ignition that need to be resolve. 

  • Hi, 

    does your plasma light and then goes out?

    If so, it is interesting to know, when it goes out. 3s after ignition, points to a prolem with the plasma sensor. 

    BR Chris

  • Hello,

    Error 1213 typically comes with other errors that truly describe the issue, like the 2150 error you are getting.   

    First, check the cone orifices.  Use a microscope or powerful magnifying glass.  If they are clogged or salted over, clean.  The opening should be a round, smooth hole.  If jagged or out of round, replace the cone. 

    That 2150 error could also point to water in the transfer tube or torch.  Check that the spray chamber is not full of water.  That there are no water droplets in the glass tube connecting spray chamber to the torch, or in the torch injector.  The situation you describe sounds like this is the issue.  It takes a while for the spray chamber to fill up so plasma will stay on during warmup and when it got to EM setting it was full and water got to the plasma and shut it down.  Each attempt to restart it might light or only sputter, but turns off shortly after, this is the water droplets in the connector or torch preventing it staying on.

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