How to change the nebulizer flow for ICP-MS single particle mode

Hi, I have an 8900 ICP-MS. I am having an issue controlling the nebulizer flow. I installed a 1.0 mm torch and need it under 0.85 L/min. The issue I am having is in the startup configuration. It keeps correcting the value to 1.0 L/min, which causes the plasma correction to fail. I've tried several approaches, but it returns to the default setting for a 1.5 mm torch (1.0 L/min). Is there somewhere in the hardware where I can change this setting? I have MassHunter v5.2 and run it in single-particle mode (yes, I have the software package for Sp). Thanks!

  • Hi, 

    you should set your instrument to "user tune" in startup. But plasma correction is intended for a regualr setup. you can try to run it with your "special configuration".

    Under "Startup Configuration" change the Ignition Sequence to "user tune"

    Then adjust in the user tune, the nubulizer gas to the desired value.

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    PS: if you do not see the "user tune" then you have to activate it: 

    Go to "Tools - Settings - Options - click on the arrow at selected options" and checkmark the user tune.

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