Problems with SPS4 Autosampler


Mi name is Christian and I'm from Ecuador. I work with an Agilent SPS4 Autosampler, but I have troubles with it. It doesn't initialize correctly. It starts to move but it stops, and red lights appear. I read the manual and found the error:
I tried to correct it, but nothing happened because I can't connect to the calibration software.
I hope to get your answer with a solution. 
Thank you so much!
  • Please try to remove the sample probe and perform the initialization.  If it completes successfully make sure the probe is not touching or causing the movement issue.  If it failed.  Call the response center to get more help with the SPS-4.  It could be a belt.  Also make sure all software are close just in case.  Once the initialization completes successfully then connect to software to see if it works. And at end you can try to shut down the SPS-4 and test the movement manually to see if something is wrong with any belt or movement. 

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