High RSD in Performance Report

Good day everyone,

I'm quite new to ICP-MS maintenance and I have a question regarding performance report in our ICP-MS Agilent 7700. We had very high RSD, I had done following steps :
- Cleaning the nebulizer and nebulizer chamber
- Replace the tubing
- Cleaning the plasma torch and bonnet by soaking it in Aquaregia
- Cleaning the sample and skimmer cone
- Nebulizer test and Shortage test at the lenses were okay

- The instrument was completely switched off (including the vacuum pump) for a week prior to this analysis

Our EM needs to be replaced soon, as you can see in the performance report. Do you know any tips, how to proceed with the measurement, or what other parameters I need to check in the meantime while waiting for the new EM to arrive? Thanks a lot in advance ! 

  • When you replaced the tubing did you adjust the tension to make sure liquid flows smoothly through the lines? You can always start signal monitor real time from the queue screen and adjust the peripump tubing real time while watching the signal as well to see if you can improve any RSD issues.

    Also if you are using the middle channel of the peripump for internal standard make sure you place that line in a rinse solution of some kind otherwise it will pull air. 

    If you are able to double click on the individual reports and share what the signal looks like that may help us diagnose better. 

  • Thank you for your suggestion, it seems like the problem lies indeed with the tubing. This is how the signal looked like before adjusting the tubing. After the adjustment, the RSDs reduced to the normal range (below 5%)

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