8900 error 1134 gate valve not opening.

I am using the 8900 ICP-MS. I am getting error 1134, gate valve not opening. The argon pressure is within range. I even vented the system and manually tried to open the gate valve from the maintenance menu and that did not work either. The error says it could be the connectors, solenoid or the gate valve itself. The connectors seem to be ok. Has anyone changed the gate valve, is it relatively easy to do?

  • Helli  

    To check if gate valve opens manually or not, ICPMS has to go to shutdown. When system reaches this mode, please open the vent valve to remove the vacuum completely.

    After that, go to Sample Introduction icon --> right click and select Maintenance. In Maintenance tab, enable "Ar Gas Valve", after this, open the large cover and press this bottom :

    If in this way gate valve open, the gate valve is Ok, so the problem could be related Connection Board o 5 valve solenoid. 

    The replacement for Gate Valve, connection board or 5 valve solenoid has to be done by Field Service Engineer.



  • Hi, I am having an issue where the gate valve will not open in my agilent 7900 ICP-MS. I am wondering if I can test whether it can open or not by performing the procedure you described above for the 8900 ICP-MS. Thank you for any guidance you can provide. 

  • Hi, the procedure worked for me in theory, but it did not entirely narrow down what the issue was. When I tried to open it manually in shutdown mode as described above, the gate valve opened, which theoretically indicated that there was no problem with it, and that instead the issues were the solenoid or board. However, the gate valve would still not open under vacuum. An engineer came and tried the procedure above with the turbo pumps running at ~20-30% which is something I did not risk doing myself, and he found out that the gate valve did not open when the system was under vacuum. I had the engineer later on replace the gate valve assembly and now everything is working fine.

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