Can ICP-MS 7900 detect Bromide?


Can i mesaure Br concetration by ICP-MS 7900?

  • Hi cell, I once tried to analyze for Br with our ICP-MS 7800, and I got  really good calibration line for mass 79 and 81. However, my sample was a water leach sample without any other possible contaminants. Detection then was something like 1 ppb in the water. After this first experiment my client only wanted to focus on the Si content in the same samples so I skipped doing the Br content after that.

    Br is volatile so I don't know if you can do it if you have to digest samples first!

  • Yes you can do Bromine fairly easily, however, it works best in an alkaline matrix since the carryover is terrible in acid. I recommend a 1% NH4OH matrix. I normally make a Br only method and run it standalone. 

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