Issues with Boron sensitivity on 5800 ICP-OES


I run Boron with 10 other analytes on ICP-OES. As a commercial lab we run a large amount of samples. I have noticed that all the other analytes in the control (QC) remains relatively and accurate through the run +/- 10%.  On the other hand B recovery is accurate 90% at the beginning of the run and by 60 samples, it drops by 50%. By the end of a long run, it is usually off by 90%. Any ideas on how to tackle this.

  • Boron has a strong memory effect, so it's important that you rinse thoroughly before beginning the run, or you will have a higher B signal in your blank. If your blank is high, then subsequent samples may read lower as the run progresses, as rinsing occurs.  Look at your blank signal and see if there is a large peak, indicating contamination or carry-over from a previous run. 

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