ICP OES 5900 SVDV Water Cooling Issue

Hello, randomly the status light for water cooling will not turn green upon turning on the chiller. Per the instrument troubleshooting I removed the water cooling filter, cleaned and replaced it. I ran a chiller  performance check and all steps passed. I noticed on the dashboard the peltier won't cool below 26.4C. I also see that the camera water flow is 0 L/min. Does anyone have any insights or has experienced this problem before? 

  • Hello 

    Although plasma is OFF, there should be flow in CCD path, around 1L/min. So, it means issue could be related to water sensor CCD in water manifold assembly.

    You can unplug the enter hose and check if the water is coming into ICP. If this is ok, the problem should be related to sensor.

    On the other hand, you can access as Service from Heating/Cooling tab to check if the Oscillator Flow is 0 l/min too, but you need a password, so in this case you have to contact with you Contact Center Support



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