ICPExpert.exe stops working during a run.  Anybody know what causes this?  It only started on Tuesday, before that we had no issues.  When it stops working the autosample probe freezes where it was, the pump and plasma stay going.

This is the error message we receive.  We have tried building all new spreadsheets, using templates that work previously and power cycled the ICP and computer both.

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    I apologize for the delayed response. I have moved this post to the Atomic Spectroscopy section of the Community where it is more likely that someone with ICP software expertise will see it. 

  • If the autosampler probe is moved manually in any way (whether by bumping into a hand or sample tube for example), it will possibly cause this issue.  It is very important to power cycle in the correct order:

    1. Exit the ICP Expert software

    2. Turn off the autosampler power

    3. Turn off the instrument power and leave for 5 min

    4. Turn instrument power back on

    5. Turn autosampler back on and wait until initialization has been completed

    6. Re-open the ICP Expert software


    If this doesn't help, please call the Agilent customer service line and someone can assist you.

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