Two Errors Reported on 8900 ICP-MS ''Firmware error occurred while sending command: ICP-MS driver internal error.'' and ''Could not find ICP-MS. MassHunter will switch to offline mode.''

Hi everyone, we have an ICP-MS 8900, the next errors popped up today:

''Firmware error occurred while sending command: ICP-MS driver internal error.''

''Could not find ICP-MS. MassHunter will switch to offline mode.''

The equipment does not connect with the software. I tried to restart the computer, but It didn't work. The problem persists.

And the status of the ICP bar does not match any of what the manual says, the status of the equipment is blinking between yellow and red (video removed by moderators).

So we don't know if the ICP can be turned off or restarted to see if it connects with the software again since we don't know what state the turbomolecular pump is in. On the other hand, the mechanical pump is working and nothing strange is detected by the naked eye.

  • To put the ICP-MS into shutdown mode manually, open the top cover and hold down the white vacuum on/off button close to the status indicator light until you hear a click, see image.

    After a few minutes the vacuum should slow down and turn off. Then it will be safe to power off the instrument and restart.

    Restart PC and instrument and then try to make connection through MassHunter whilst the ICP-MS is on but still in shutdown mode.

    Note: After turning on the main switch, the status indicator lamp turns on and stays red for about 2 minutes while the instrument powers up. Wait until the red lamp turns off before using the Vacuum ON/OFF Switch. The indicator light then flashes amber during pump down (vacuum on).

    I hope this may help.

  • If the mechanical pump is on, then the turbopump is on.  The red/amber flashing is telling you it is under vacuum, but there is an error.  For the communication issue, there are some things to check.  First, check what the ip address is as listed in MassHunter.  Default is  Make sure the computer ip address is close (default is for PC).  Sometimes using that ethernet port is used to connect to the internet, and if set to Obtain IP address automatically, corporate addresses may be a different set and will not communicate with the instrument.  If they are close the next thing to check is the hosts file.  Go to the Windows start menu, scroll down to the folder for ICP-MS MassHunter Workstation and select Edit hosts, notepad will open the file.  At the bottom of the file, there should be an entry that states the ip address and then ICPMS01 (       ICPMS01) without the #.  This ip address must match the one entered in MassHunter.  On the software disc for ICPMS MassHunter you will find an index file. Once open, there is a link at the top for the Installation guide.  setting ip address is covered there.

    If ip addresses look ok for all 3 (instrument ip address in MassHunter and Hosts match and ip address of the PC is close in number) the issue could be with the p500 communication card in the 8900 at that point you should contact your local Agilent office for service using this link and select your country

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