ICP-MS 7850 AutoTune fail


My performance report is ok. But AutoTune before my batch fails everytime with error message "Auto tune failed because sensitivity is too low". Sample introduction system was cleaned and checked, but it didn't help. What else can cause such error? I cannot perform any data acqusition.

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  • I`m sorry for not responding for such a long time. We had no electricity because of bombing from russia. 

    He flow rate was 4,5 mL/min as usual. We have no other cell gases. The apparatus is quite new.

    The purging operation that you suggested have been performed by system engineer during ICP-MS installation. After this we worked without problems. Until current issue popped up.

    Also assuming that we have problems with He mode we created batch with both modes and it passed tunes perfectly. After this we carried out a couple of analyses with our usual methods with which we had problems previously. But today this "Auto tune failed because sensitivity is too low" appeared again. And the "trick" with method with both modes didn`t help.

    I`m devastated.

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