ICP-MS 7850 AutoTune fail


My performance report is ok. But AutoTune before my batch fails everytime with error message "Auto tune failed because sensitivity is too low". Sample introduction system was cleaned and checked, but it didn't help. What else can cause such error? I cannot perform any data acqusition.

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  • Maybe someone has adjusted the Helium Flow to an inadequate level.

    In normal He-Mode it shoul be about 4-5ml/min.

    Any other Gas in the Cell will cause the signal to be completely suppressed. So if the Gas Filter for examples is not purged enough (because it comes with nitrogen from the factory) you will have no counts.

    Put the instrument in standby, and open the large cover. Behind the Cell MFC is a screw (or two if you have H2). Open this screw about 2.5 turns close it after 30min. Then your signal should come back, if it was related to "dirt" in the cell gases.

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