7800 ICP-MS Tuning

Hi all,

I had a question about the tuning on our 7800 ICP-MS. Recently, I have noticed the tune for 89 (and 7 slightly) is looking strange. I checked back to older tunes, and gradually it has gotten worse. I want to find out if this is something I can be preventative on/be worried about. And if so, what can I do to resolve any potential issues.

Yesterday I performed full maintenance (cleaned glassware, cleaned lenses, and replaced tubing) and was expecting today to look a little different. Older runs had all 3 masses looking more like 205 does in the image above. Other than the tune looking strange on 89, the instrument hasn't gone through any changes and has been working completely fine. I just want to be proactive if needed.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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