Hello, I have a problem with the stability of my cooling water flow at our ICP MS 7800.

When I start the run the water flow drops from 1.03l/min slowly to under the acceptable minimun flow. If I start the run again the water flow is back to about 1l/min and then drops again. The water supply is fine, we use it for our OES too and there are no fluctuations.

  • Hi Isabella,

    Do you use a recirculating chiller? if yes, what's the pressure. it should be between 30 to max 50 psi. 

    If the pressure is to low then the flow is also lower. it could be adjust by an technical person by adjusting the pressure regulator in the chiller.

    if the pressure is way to high then the flow reading go wrong due to flow pressing through the internal water by-pass.

    Best is to contact your local Agilent department for more detailed advice.



  • Hi Isabella,

    sometimes small Particles block the Flow.

    To prevent them, being flushed through the whole system, there is a strainer at the back of the instrument.

    You can open it, with a 17mm wrench. If there are particles, just clean it with water, and consider changing the cooling water. I recommend to use the 

    Agilent Cool Clear

    Have you tried, to disconnect the two spray chamber cooling water lines? If not, please disconnect them and have a look the water flow then. 

    Best luck


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