Measuring Cr in high ferrous material

does anyone have an explanation for the fact, that I have a lower result for Cr (approx. 30%) with material with a high iron content, e.g. Millscale, with the measuring mode 'NoGas'? Measured with He mode, the results are correct. Measured with ICP-MS Agilent 7800, digestion in HNO3, HBF4 and water.
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  • Hi, thanks for the good input, I hadn't thought in this direction. The effect only occurs with materials that contain a lot of iron, in the middle of a batch that also contains other materials, so I thought it was an influence of Fe. No such effect occurs with other materials.

    I will have another look at this next week, best regards best regards

  • You can always use the semi-quant where you can check the isotopic ratio. This will give you some idea about the origin of the interference. 

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