error gas scp write channel icp-oes

Hello, anyone here know what happen with my icp-oes?

i got error message '' gas scp write channel" and icp-oes unable to running due plasma ignition failed, the icon plasma also blinked many times.

Thank you. 


  • Hi Rerey,

    What is your ICP-OES? This issue occurs, when either the gas regulator does not match the quality so that it reacts too slow when the pressure inside the gas line changes, or the tank pressure is insufficient so the gas module cannot maintain the gas flow through the entire ignition sequence. I recommend checking the gas regulator and the gas line. If you cannot locate the problem, you should contact our customercare team so that an engineer call you back. 


  • hello, thank you for your feedback, the type of icp-oes is icp-oes vdv 5110,can you suggest how to prevent that problem?



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  • I would recommend that you contact your local customer support team for help, as this might be a hardware issue. You can try exiting the software first, then turn off the main power switch on the left side of the instrument toward the back, and leave off for 5 minutes. Then turn instrument power back on, wait a few minutes, then open the software.  

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